Wednesday, March 6, 2013

American Idol and sick fam...

Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts tonight.  Nothing heavy-just a couple of the ramblings  going on in my head.  And boy sometimes those ramblings can get very ADHD let me tell you.

Is American Idol lame this season or is it just me?  In the past I would sink into my sofa and love watching AI.  I'm just not feeling it this season.  And is Nicki for real?  Can't take that girl serious.

Our household has caught the cold bug.  Lots of barking, sniffles and moans.  I am trying hard not to get it - so much hand washing, hands are cracking!  But mamas never have time to get sick do they?  But can I tell you how much I love all the snuggles from my 6th grader.  Don't get those as much these days and not feeling well brings out the "I need mommy" in him.

Another cold snap has hit the ATL and I am freezing.  Sitting here blogging (that sounds funny to me), in a quiet house with my warm fire and fluffy socks sure feels great right now.  Weather channel says it will hit 65 this weekend - yeah!  Can't wait for that.  Great weather to watch my loves play baseball, hopefully I can sneak in my flip flops.  Crossing my fingers.

Stay warm y'all and sweet dreams!


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