Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mother of the year!

Just thought I'dnshare......I get the Mother of the year Award today I tell you!  Cranky, tired kids plus tired mommy equals bad mornings!

I think the time change has gotten to all of us.  Someone told me earlier in the week that it takes most people until Thursday to get used to the time change.  So here it is Thursday - I really pray that fact is true.  Because it wasn't pretty this morning.  After I dropped the kids off, I called my bestie and vented.  She always makes me feel better - normal you might say.  Everyone has mornings like this - man I hope so.

So now I am having another cup of coffee, a hot bath, and starting this day over.  Maybe sneaking in a quick nap before kids get home.  Praying for patience and understanding.  Like my bestie, God always makes me feel better.  So I am spending time with Him today.

Enjoy you coffee and have a great day lovelies.


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