Thursday, September 12, 2013


Great morning!  I started a new, much much needed bible study this morning.  It's called "Stuck" by Jeannie Allen.  I have a feeling it's going to be hard but oh so worth it.  I think we all get "stuck" in our lives.  Whether its in our faith, our marriage, our household, our jobs, or our friendships.  We should all take the time to turn to God to help us move past one season and into a new one.  But, I , like so many try to handle or control it by myself.  I am looking forward to dedicating some much needed time to God.  I am going to try very hard to  go to Him in prayer and praise.

So bare with me while I write about my smiles and struggles throughout this study.  I am going to be as honest and heartfelt about where I am "stuck".  Hopefully you have some of the same struggles and we can laugh and cry together.

Until tomorrow!  Enjoy the beaYOUtiful day.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2 - weekly menu

Ok peeps - haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd get back in the groove with our weekly menu.  I've had lots of my friends asking me for my menus so documenting them here and sharing with you seemed like a good place to start!

This week is not real inventive because we seemed to be busy busy these days. But here goes:

Monday (I have a cold and needed a soup with a little kick):
Crockpot chicken chili (used 1/4 block of cream cheese only) and jalapeƱo cornbread (used can Of green chilis instead of pickled jalapeƱos)

Tuesday (football night):
Hotdogs/corn on cob/chips

Chicken stir fry/faux fried rice/mini egg rolls

Thursday (heading to yellow daisy festival for the day):
Spaghetti I had frozen already.  Put on crockpot for the day.  I always make a huge pot of spaghetti and freeze an additional meal.  Saves so much time.  

Crockpot salsa chicken:   6 breasts, bottle of salsa, package of taco seasoning.  Cook for 8 hrs on low.  Use in tacos with rice and corn.

Saturday:   All my boys will be at a Dove shoot all day so, my little Chica and I will be eating out!

Sunday (baseball tournament all day)
Roast beef with carrots/potatoes/onions in crockpot.   Bread in bread maker ( best breadmaker bread ever!) and fresh steamed green beans.

Well that's all folks!  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mother of the year!

Just thought I'dnshare......I get the Mother of the year Award today I tell you!  Cranky, tired kids plus tired mommy equals bad mornings!

I think the time change has gotten to all of us.  Someone told me earlier in the week that it takes most people until Thursday to get used to the time change.  So here it is Thursday - I really pray that fact is true.  Because it wasn't pretty this morning.  After I dropped the kids off, I called my bestie and vented.  She always makes me feel better - normal you might say.  Everyone has mornings like this - man I hope so.

So now I am having another cup of coffee, a hot bath, and starting this day over.  Maybe sneaking in a quick nap before kids get home.  Praying for patience and understanding.  Like my bestie, God always makes me feel better.  So I am spending time with Him today.

Enjoy you coffee and have a great day lovelies.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

American Idol and sick fam...

Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts tonight.  Nothing heavy-just a couple of the ramblings  going on in my head.  And boy sometimes those ramblings can get very ADHD let me tell you.

Is American Idol lame this season or is it just me?  In the past I would sink into my sofa and love watching AI.  I'm just not feeling it this season.  And is Nicki for real?  Can't take that girl serious.

Our household has caught the cold bug.  Lots of barking, sniffles and moans.  I am trying hard not to get it - so much hand washing, hands are cracking!  But mamas never have time to get sick do they?  But can I tell you how much I love all the snuggles from my 6th grader.  Don't get those as much these days and not feeling well brings out the "I need mommy" in him.

Another cold snap has hit the ATL and I am freezing.  Sitting here blogging (that sounds funny to me), in a quiet house with my warm fire and fluffy socks sure feels great right now.  Weather channel says it will hit 65 this weekend - yeah!  Can't wait for that.  Great weather to watch my loves play baseball, hopefully I can sneak in my flip flops.  Crossing my fingers.

Stay warm y'all and sweet dreams!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Still trying....

So I am still trying to get this little blog of mine going.  Don't really have a reason that I haven't blogged but once.  Is it a fear thing?  Is it a time thing?  Is it just plain laziness?  All those questions have bounced around in my head the last two weeks.  And all the while I did nothing.  I really do want this.  I want to be a part of this amazing blog world that I read everyday.  These words I read, by amazing woman, inspire me to be better.  So here it goes again

I am challenging myself to blog 4 times in the next week.  Does this count as one?  I say hells yah!!!  My hope is to journal our crazy life and one day inspire someone else by my crazy, wild, loud voice!

Cheers to still trying to be better in all I do and say.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scared? Of Course!

You could say I am scared...scared I will fail, scared no one will read this or even care what I have to say, scared I won't figure this blog thing out, and scared of embarrassing myself!  But then I was watching one of my favorite movies, Sex and the City, and Carrie said to Charlotte "you can't stop being who you are because you're afraid!"  I swear I saw a flashing, neon sign that flashed....DUH!   I am not someone who is typically afraid.  I am a loud, outgoing, fun-loving child of God that always has a lot to say!  So here goes nothing.....

I officially set up this blog back in September of 2012.  I love reading blogs.  I have many favorites and had been thinking about starting my own for a long time.  Friends and family are always asking me for recipes, decorating tips, parenting tips and just bits and pieces of my life.  Let's face it I like to talk!  But for whatever reason I never posted anything once I set this little blog up.  I think I was waiting to make it pretty - but didn't know how to do it.  I was waiting for something interesting to tell people.  I was waiting for time to write.  But all of that was an excuse - I was just plain scared.  You see I am not a writer - have always wanted to be but by nature I am not.  I read on someones blog (sorry I don't remember who) that they write the way the speak.  So that is what I am going to do.  I am going to share my crazy, chaos filled, beautiful life that God has given me with whoever wants to take a peak.  If no one reads this it will be my journal of what I was experiencing at any given moment. 

Cheers ya'll!